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Our company, Jolly Joy Baby, which is a carefully designed baby clothing manufacturer and wholesaler, is based on the satisfaction of its customers and consumers. The main thing for us in all processes, from the design of our products to their delivery to the consumer, is to achieve maximum satisfaction.


Our adventure, which started with manufacturing and wholesale in the baby clothing sector in 2017, is in service as baby and children's clothing. In baby and children's clothing; It succeeds to be among the leading companies in the design and production of textile products such as boys' 2 suits, girls' 2 suits, overalls and dresses.

Jolly joy baby Bringing together the unchanging quality and service concept from the past to the present and trendy products that can change at any time, Jolly joy baby has made a name for itself with its quality products since the day it was founded.

Our company was established in Bursa in June 2017.

In 2020, Jolly Joy Baby reached a production capacity of 100,000 and started its overseas sales.

In 2022, our company continues its active work.

Since the day it was founded, its only goal was to manufacture quality baby products. The adventure that started with a small workshop continued to grow in the following years.

Continuing to grow as a company incorporating all its employees, jolly joy has advanced the path it started with baby textiles with children's textiles. Thanks to its wide wholesaler network, it has expanded abroad.

Our company, which continues to produce as baby and children's textiles, continues to branding based on the satisfaction of mothers from past to present.

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